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Welcome to Daher Capital Group, LLC

When it comes to managing your company’s retirement plan benefits, call on the independent professionals that will manage your Plan as if it were their own - - and stand beside you as a Fiduciary of the Plan.

At DCG, our sole focus and responsibilities are to support our clients in the management of their retirement plan – whether it be 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), profit sharing or executive compensation programs. As independent and objective Investment Fiduciary Advisor*, we take pride in that we are not affiliated with or have any strategic selling agreement in place with any bank, consulting firm, securities firm, insurance company, or outside service provider. Our independence allows us to deliver objective services and counsel that may make your plan run efficiently, with the most potential benefit for the plan’s participants and the protection assistance for the plan’s fiduciaries. With all the mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances being formed throughout the industry, the cross selling of products and services to employers increases the concerns of Plan fiduciaries for potential conflicts of interest, especially when commissions and revenues are being shared between organizations. How does DCG approach this issue? Simple. We answer only to our clients, and no one else.

At DCG, our Core Investment Fiduciary Service Values* are what we feel sets us apart:

  • Integrity – an uncompromising commitment to transparency, ethical principles and accountability
  • Engagement – an understanding of your plan needs, and responding to them
  • Excellence – pursued through expertise, disclosure and prudent decision making
  • Sustainability – a balance during economic and environmental market changes

DCG’s foundation of services were built by Plan Fiduciaries, for Plan Fiduciaries.

Our intent is clear: to represent and support our clients retirement plan, the Plan fiduciaries and help protect the employee’s best interests with Plan guidance, strategies intended to help improve investment performance, lower fees and expenses, increase employee appreciation and the utilization of the benefits provided.

Please visit our Services tab to understand all of the services we can provide as investment Fiduciary Advisors* to your retirement plan.

Our consultant(s) act as investment fiduciary advisor and provide investment fiduciary services for plan sponsors or employees.